Online Roulette Symbol of Online Casino

Online Roulette  Symbol of Online Casino

Roulette has long been known as the ultimate symbol of the casino and is known the world over as one of the most entertaining games in the casino. When you Play Roulette you can be sure that you will have a good time.

Roulette is a game that is far different than other casino games in that it is a sedate, quiet game that takes time to get into and takes time time to play. Until all the bets are made and all the players have placed the numbers that they wish to bet upon takes time. This is the reason that roulette is considered a games for the elite, certainly not for those who wish to play big, win big with lots of excitement.

While even the experience player may win or lose at the roulette it is important to remember that it is a game of chance, and that there is no skill factor involved. The dealer turns the Roulette Wheel and from then on it is in the hands of no one where the ball is supposed to land.

Roulette is an easy game to learn and master. It is also a fun game that gives hours of satisfaction and enjoyment to all. Most importantly, it is a profitable game, one that is sought by many, since its house edge is so low.

Online Roulette Odds

Online Roulette Odds

Roulette odds are pretty easy to calculate because Roulette is a game of fixed odds. Each throw is unrelated to the previous throw, and no composite probabilities exist.

On an unbiased wheel of 38 slots, a probability for any slot playing out is 1/38. Based on this we can easily calculate the worth of all possible bets by deducing the house edge. As most of the bets don’t involve zero and double zero, we must take special care to not forget it.

For example, betting on red would result in the following calculation (given a 38 slot wheel):

Out of 38 slots, 2 are zeros, which leaves us with 36
Out of 36, half is red and another half is black. Only 18 of 38 possibilities win, therefore making the probability of this bet winning 18/38 (47.37%). There are 20 other possibilities to lose, 20/38 total.
You spend $1 on every lost game, and win $1 on every won game.
Out of 380 games (number taken to easen up the calculations) you will win $180 and lose $200. That is, you will lose $20.
$20/380 = 1/19, or 5.26%
The mathematics of roulette dictates that all bets, ultimately, have the same house edge, except for a very greedy composite zero – double zero – 1 – 2 – 3. If you try the experiment above, you will find that the house edge is 7.89% for this particular bet. For example, if you try the above calculation with a straight up bet, which pays off 35:1 but has a probability of 1/38, you will get the same numbers.

For the European wheel, the edge becomes 2.70%. As you can see, the additional zero on American wheel adds more than two percent to the house edge, which makes huge difference.

As the house edge is fixed on almost every single bet, it means that which bet you wager on doesnt really matter statistically because they all produce the same results. This leaves you room for bet management system and lucky guesses without prejudice.

Online Roulette

Online Roulette

Roulette is known the world over as the ultimate symbol of the casinos. While there may be many other games in the casino, roulette, known for its elegance and charm, well always be a special game for many people. In addition, it is steadily gaining popularity among people who have never gambled before in their lives. However, these newcomers do not travel great lengths to play this most special game. They play online roulette in the online casinos.

Online roulette is the same real roulette but a lot better, since you need not even leave the comfort and privacy of your own home. This is a big advantage, since the distance to the casinos was what deterred many people from playing roulette, but now all those people can play it online to the joy and delight of all. Also, what was once a formal and rather stuffy game is now a game that can be enjoyed with no dress code or any other formalities. All you have to do to Play Online Roulette is to log on to the online casinos, and from that point on you can Play Online Roulette without having to leave your own home, for free or for real money, if you want to win cash.

Roulette History

Roulette History

It is true that for most of casino games we don’t even know where they came from; mathematically perfect and amazingly attractive games couldn’t just have been born randomly. Someone must’ve invented them and, sooner or later, improved and introduced them.

This is also true for roulette, but things are a little bit different. We have quite a number of historical accounts of roulette and what seems to be roulette; but some of them contradict the other ones (or even themselves), and there’s certainly no reliable theory as of where the roulette comes from.

The theories about the origins of roulette are vast and encompass ages of our history, though they are more urban myths than anything else and little actual research into the history of roulette was performed.

Most of them are of course speculations that originate from the Internet. The wild theories tell the tale of roulette being played by Roman soldiers on wheels of their chariots; some go as far as claiming that roulette is “probably” as old as the invention of wheel itself. And some are bold enough to assume that the modern roulette is unmodified ever since its first invention.

It would take too much effort to establish the truth about roulette. Unless some dedicated history scholar takes the matter into his hands and once and for all refutes all the legends of the roulette table, nothing is going to stop the dim allegations and random telltales that casino patrons have been passing one to another for generations.

There are more or less viable theories such as the one that prescribes the invention of roulette to the Chinese, who were adept to gambling ever since the inception of their culture. Supposedly the game travelled to Europe by proxy of traders or dominican monks. We don’t know how substantiated this theory is; what we do know is that it might be possible that it’s true.

Another theory is much more modern – it attributes the invention of roulette to Blaise Pascal, a famous sixteenth century French mathematician, inventor of first digital calculator and father of the computer technology. Pascal was very interested in contemporary mathematical challenges and there’s little doubt that if the concept of roulette haven’t had been invented by then, Pascal would be the man for the job. Intricate mathematical layout of the Roulette Wheel couldn’t have been randomly invented. It is clear that a mind of mathematician – perhaps even genius for his or her epoch – was needed for the creativity that such an invention would require. This theory is very sound to an amateur ear: Pascal’s work on gambling and infamous saying that the people are compelled to gamble may very well indicate that he was more than just a theorist when it came to casino games.

Free Roulette

Free Roulette

If you are interested in playing roulette then you will most probably select to play in the online casinos since it is easier that going to the great gambling cities such as Atlantic city or Las Vegas. However, you may also feel some apprehension, since, not knowing the game and its rules. For this purpose the online casinos have developed the Free Roulette Game for those people who wish to Learn How To Play Roulette and enjoy the most famous game in the casinos but who do not know the rules of the game yet.

Free Online Roulette Games are just like the real roulette games that you play for real money only they are for free. You get all the excitement that you would get in any kind of normal roulette game but without betting any money. This way, you can play free roulette until you feel certain that you are ready to play for real money, and then you can sign on to the online casinos and win money. In fact, you can play free roulette for as long as you wish, until you hone your skills and feel confident enough to play for real money. The online casinos offer you what the land based casinos cannot offer you, since they cannot lose money on games that bring in no revenue.